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28.11.2015 Aikido for Charity in Western International School of Shanghai 

We joined the annual bazar of WISS with their charity event raising funds for "Couleur de Chine" to help underprivileged children for education.

Aikido for Charity web

IMG_2184Ulrich and Francois after exhausting 358 Ukemi

IMG_2183Ten minutes later and after a glass of champagne faces turned more relaxed

24.+25.2015 Seminar in Ningbo UNNC Dojo 

IMG_2014IMG_2029Eugene had invited to the seminar and some members from Ningbo Zhongshan also joined inIMG_2019The weather was still nice to enjoy outdoor refreshments after the evening session

IMG_2027Including official ceremony for Hombu grading Certificates

IMG_2026Sunday Morning session in UNNC Dojo

19.9.2015 Joint Embukai from Shanghai Aikido Dojos at Matsuri 2015 – Culture Festival at Maos Lifehouse

thumb_IMG_1287_1024 thumb_IMG_20150919_191653_1024 thumb_IMG_1297_1024


20.-23.8.2015 5th Summer Seminar with Dominique Rascle

Saturday morning session


Lunch break to restore energy for the next session to come.


Saturday afternoon session


Souvenir from China for Dominique Sensei


BBQ Party this time indoors with moskito free zone at Bastiaans Roadhouse


thumb_IMG_0960_1024 thumb_IMG_0963_1024


Sunday Morning sessionthumb_IMG_0950_1024

Sunday Afternoon sessionthumb_IMG_0976_1024

Thanks for all paritcipants from various dojos in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Tianjin for your support and diligent practice

10.-13.7.2015 Joint Practice with Nagai Hitoshi Sensei from HongKong Doyukai

Nagai Sensei visited our Dojo with two of his students Stephane and Ricky. Michelle, a former student now live in Tianjin also joint this event.


standing l.t.r.: Heinrich, Stephane, Ricky, Larry

 sitting l.t.r.: Michelle, Victor, Francois, Ulrich, Nagai Sensei, Ele, Terence, James, NN2


l.t.r.: Michelle, Shi Nan, Victor, Stephane, Nagai Sensei, Deverick, Ulrich, Ricky, Francois

The Typhoon forced us to have our BBQ Party inside the Roadhouse


It was Nagai Sensei's wish also to visit our Dojo. On Monday he practiced with us during our regular keiko




Our Friendship deepened throughout Nagai Sensei's visit

4.7.2015 Shanghai Open Keiko with Ma HongLei from Shanghai Shinbukan Dojo as Guest Instructor

For the first time Ma HongLei and two of her students visit SXAC Dojo

Morning Session:

IMG_0309 l.t.r.: Eike, Francois, Ulrich, Martin, HongLei, Deverick, Terence, Nan, PengFei

Afternoon Sessions:


 l.t.r.: Francois, Johnson, Martin, HongLei, Deverick, Ulrich, Terence, Nan, Kinya, PengFei, Terence

24.6.2015 Mike Chen from Taiwan visit SXAC Dojo


(l.t.r.:, Mike, Ulrich and Terence)

24.5.2015 Seminar with Ulrich Mierswa and Exam Preparation in Zhongshan Dojo in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province / PRC


Full day practice and 1 hour test-exam as preparation for the grading exam with Namba Shihan in June


Ningbo dojocho Ye Tian and Eugene Ch'ng prepare organisation at dinner with Ulrich Mierswa

25.4.2015 Philip Lee from Singapore Shinjukai hold Seminar in Shanghai Aiki Club Dojo

IMAG3197On Sunday Terence and Ulrich joined the Seminar and an exhausting 3. Dan grading exam

IMAG3198_1Philip Lee sensei and his son Alexander

IMAG3200_1Always good fun on and off the mats

24.4.2015 Embukai on International Day in Western International School of ShanghaiIMAG3178_1 Francois, Terence and Ulrich joined the Japanese Booth for Aikido Embukai

IMAG3180 The Japanese community welcomed us to present Aikido as part of Japanese culture

IMAG3192 In our breaks between our demontration we had big fun with the kids on the mats


 l.t.r.:, Francois, Ulrich and Terence

19.4.2015 Seminar with Ulrich Mierswa, in Zhongshan Dojo in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province / PRCIMAG3166

3.-6.4.2015 50 Years Aikido in Germany

Info FlyerFestive event with top Shihan from Hombu Dojo

AsaiAsai Sensei came to Germany in 1965 on Doshu's mission to spread Aikido to Germany

Aikido-Jubilaeum-in-Muenster-Junge-Sportart-seit-50-Jahren-in-Deutschland_image_630_420f_wnAlmost 800 Aikidoka from all over the world joined the event

IMAG3069Hans-Werner from Aachen Shoshin-Dojo where I used to practice before I moved to China

IMAG3058_BURST002_COVERMeeting Henrik, former member of Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club

IMAG3067 copy

The President of Aikikai Germany congratulates Asai Sensei for his lifetime achivement, having developed Aikido in Germany for 50 years

15.3.2015 Seminar with Ulrich Mierswa, in Zhongshan Dojo in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province / PRC


7.3.2015 Celebrating 4 Years Anniversary of Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Dojo with guests from 3 regional dojos and many international Greetings

Shanghai Open Keiko with Fox as instructor and embukai


l.t.r.: Fox, Allan, Terence,Francois, Ulrich, Eddie, Chen Miao, Shin, Wang Tian (hidden)





IMAG2925_1 IMAG2933Three of the four founding mebers of our Dojo Terence, Rene and Ulrich

18.-23.2.2015 Travel to Japan for Hombu Dojo, Yokogawa and other friends' Dojo

IMAG2863Old friend Wan Man also joined the class of Endo sensei at Hombu Dojo

IMG_1374Met with Erkki from Finland in Hombu Dojo

P1010778Keiko in Yokogawa Dojo with Suzuki Sensei


front l.t.r.: Satoshi Abe, Suzuki Sensei, Ulrich, Watanabe sensei
back l.t.r.: Masashi Ida, Jiro Honda, Shigenobu Iwatsuki, Seiko Ida, Yumiko Nakajima, Hiroshi Harashima
IMAG2912After a harmoneous keiko at Seibukan Dojo in Kobe I enjoyed the warmhearted hospitality of Nakao Sensei and his wife

7.2.2015 Shanghai Open Keiko with Dada Deng from Shanghai Zhen Wu Dojo

IMAG2779_1l.t.r.: Francois, YJing, Ulrich, XiaoXuan, DaDa, DaPeng, ZiQian, Chen, Terence

​18.1.2015 Seminar with Ulrich Mierswa, in UNNC Aikido Dojo in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province / PRC

In the morning session also members of Zhongshan Dojo joined in

Afternoon Session

Afternoon session with Sofiane, NN, Ulrich, NN, Eugene, Tony

​3.1.2015 First Shanghai Open Keiko in 2015

IMAG2676_1l.t.r.: Eric, Ele, Dudley, Ulrich, Fox, Terence, Johnson, Francois

IMAG2672Our new "Wall of Fame"

IMAG2677Welcome the new year with pizza and beer and watch DVD from Seishinkan


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