Pictures 2013

30.12.2013 Terhi had invited Ulrich to visit and practice in Meido Kan Dojo in Helsinki – Finland


(l.t.r.: Marika, Miro, Risto, Nina, Christina, Kalle

Tiina, Mikko, Ulrich, missing Terhi who took the photo)

7.12.2013 Last Shanghai Open Keiko in 2013, only one Session due to heavy Air Pollution in the Region


 (l.t.r.: Henrik, Herve, Anna, Ulrich, Shinjiro, Laurent)

16.11.2013 Boris and Ulrich visit Hangzhou Aikikai in their new Dojo


On the second Floor of the Badminton hall in ZHejiang University Campus Hangzhou Aikikai established their new Dojo

9.+10.11.2013 Yudansha Seminar with Endo Seishiro in Saku Dojo, Japan

IMAG0413_1Chatting with friends after dinner in the dojo (l.t.r.: Philip-Jean, Alexei, Bob, Jaquelin, Ulrich)

IMAG0414As usual, the party goes on in the kitchen

4.11.2013 Joseph from Holland and Sophie from Spain visited our Dojo during their stay in Shanghai

IMAG0411(l.t.r.: Joe, Sophie, Francois B., Ulrich, Terence, Henrik, Francois N.)

28.10.2013 Sophie from Spain joint our Keiko on her Vacation in Shanghai

IMAG0405(l.t.r.: Sophie, Laurent, Terence, Ulrich, Boris, Francois N., Francois B.)

19. + 20.10.2013 Seminar with Sawada Toshiharu Sensei in Shudojuku Dojo of Xing Yue, Beijing / PRCIMAG0396_1 More than 80 Aikido friends from all over China joint the Seminar and enjoyed the virtuous jo and ken skills of Sawada Sensei. 

IMAG0403_1Sawada Sensei with Ulrich (l) and Eric (r)IMAG0397_1_1 Aaron from New Zealand lives since 7 years in Japan and is instructor in Sawada Sensei's dojo in Nagoya

7. – 9.10.2013 Seminar with Endo Seishiro Sensei in Shoshin Dojo of Dirk Mueller, Hamburg / Germany



4. – 6.10.2013 Seminar with Endo Seishiro Sensei in Vaduz / Liechtenstein


Picturesc alpine landscape setting for the seminar and family type seminar atmosphere


(l.t.r.: Hans-Peter, Ulrich)

19.+20.9.2013 Seminar with Endo Seishiro Sensei in Shanghai International Aikido Club / PRC



IMAG0284 web

Some Aikido friends from Shinjukai Aiki Club also joined the seminar

IMAG0285 web

Terence and Ulrich in SIAC Dojo meeting many old friends on the mats

27.8.2013 Farewell Keiko for our friend Andrea Raviglione, who will be leaving China after about two years


(l.t.r.: YiKe, Andrea, Ulrich, Terence, Henrik)


8. – 15.8.2013 Visit Japan for Saku Dojo Summer Practice and other Dojos in and around Tokyo



IMAG0071_1Most busy person in Saku Dojo


My friend Jiro (left) introduced me to Watanabe Sensei from Musashino Dojo


Very frinedly reception of Watanabe Sensei and joint Joint keiko in Musashino Dojo


Suzuki Sensei from Yokogawa dojo after keiko


Very warm welcome in Funabashi Dojo, Chiba with Fuku Mori Sensei

​29.7.-4.8.2013 Seminar with Dominique Rascle from Lyon / France on his China Tour in our Dojo


Friends from Hangzhou, Shanghai Shinjukai, Shanghai International Aikido Club, Shanghai Aikikai and individuals joint us

​20.+21.7.2013 Visit Seminar with Dominique Rascle from Lyon / France on his China Tour in Shudojuku Dojo in Beijing


20130720_009Birthday of Dominique Sensei on the Seminar –  not missing the birthday cake

6.7.2013 Shanghai Open Keiko with Kinya Lee from Taiwan


(l.t.r.: Eric, Johnson, Terence, Kinya Lee, Ulrich, Fox, Dudley)


Taiwan connection

12.6.2013 Hombu Instructor China Tour with Irie Yoshinobu Shihan in Shanghai Aikikai

Group Photo Shanghai Aikikai 12.6.2013

5 SXAC members joined the seminar of Irie Shihan in Chen DeMing's Yangpu Dojo 

11.6.2013 First Hombu Dojo Seminar and Grading Exam in Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club with Irie Yoshinobu Shihan

Group Photo SXAC 20130611

35 Aikido Friends from many dojos joined our first Hombu Dojo Seminar 

Henrik at ReceptionHenrik, our receptionist was busy until the last second before the Seminar started

Chat before the SeminarSeminars like this are always welocme occasions for a chat with old friends 

Kamera, 11.06.13 034

2.6.2013 Seminar with Philip Lee from Shinjukai Singapore in Shanghai Aikiclub

Group Photo web

1.-5.5.2013 Seminar and 20 Years Anniversary in Saku Dojo, Sakudeira / Japan

International Hot Air Balloon Festival conincided with the 20 Years Saku Dojo Anniversary

20130503_001Party in Saku Dojo

20130504_002Always good fun with the Friends from Czech

20130504_003Reception at the Budokan

20130504_0171Special welcome for Waka Sensei at the Saku Deira Budokan

20130504_038Endo Seishiro Shihan and his Wife at the formal Dinner Party in Golden Century Hotel Grand Ballroom with 450 Guests

20130504_029Franck Noel holding a Speach on behalf of foreign Visitors from 16 Countries

20130504_0311The traditional Sake Barrel breaking Ceremony in three Teams

20130504_033Meeting with Nagai Sensei from Honkong at the Dinner Party

20130504_042Shimizu Sensei, Endo's longest Student and Wang Fei at the DInner Party

20130505_003Andrea practiced to the time limit, so he must change on the way back to Narita Airport

30.4.2013, Meeting Friends in Hombu Dojo, Tokyo / Japan

20130430_002 (l.t.r. Andrea, Sunny, Ulrich, Wang Fei)

29.4.2013, Visit Aiki-Shrine Festival in Iwama / Japan

Founder's Statute at Iwama Railway Station 20130429_0021

Iwama 20130429_005

Inscription on Founder's Statute 20130429_008


17.4.2013, Keiko with Guest Instructor William Gilespie, 5. Dan from Beijing Aikikai

William Gillespie in SXAC

 (l.t.r. Henrik, Ulrich, William, Terence, Francois,)

13.+14.4.2013, Seminar with Osawa Hayato Shihan in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Other international guests with Osawa Hayato Shihan in KL

6.4.2013, Shanghai Open Keiko with Ele Xiang from Shanghai Aikikai

SOK 2013-4

 (l.t.r. Henrik, Ele, Frank, Ulrich, Andrea, Francois, Terence)

2.3.2013, Two Years Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club

SOK 3-2013

Shanghai Open Keiko with Fox from Shinjukai Shanghai Aikiclub

 (l.t.r. Francois, Henrik, Ulrich, Fox, John)

2 years SXAC

Snacks and Sake on the mats after keiko

Signature Book

Signing the guest book

Dinner 2 years SXAC

Dinner Party in Japanese Restaurant

23.-24.2.2013, Trip to HongKong for Seminar with Seishiro Endo Shihan in Aikido Doyukai Dojo of Hitoshi Nagai Sensei

20130224_0041(l.t.r. Francois, Nagai Sensei, Ulrich)

20130224_002Lunch break with old friends (l.t.r. Ulrich, Andrea, Wang Dan, Francois)


Birhtday celebration at the dinner party (l.t.r. Watanabe sensei, Seishiro Endo Shihan, Hitoshi Nagai sensei)

2.2.2013, Shanghai Open Keiko with Chester Lee from Shanghai Aikibudo Dojo

SOK 20130202_001

(l.t.r. front: Chester, Ulrich, Lucas, Ele
rear: Gerry, Henrik, Francois)


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