Dojo Etiquette

Dojo Etiquette & Rules

As a non-profit organization Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club relies on all members’ voluntary and active participation in all kind of club activities. This comprises the duties for preparation of the Dojo before and after Keiko, reception and registration, accounting, introducing and supporting of newcomers, buying things for the club, helping with club events, advertising, required formalities, invitation of other teachers, etc.

As the club may grow a suitable distribution of tasks and duties might be organized in order to make routine activities efficient and fairly distribute the workload among the members.

Personal duties and rules for everyone:

Smoking in the Dojo and practice under influence of alcohol or drugs is not allowed.

Refrain from practice if you are ill or injured or if you carry an infectious disease.

Arrange your arrival in due time before the Keiko in order to allow you to change cloth and help with the preparation like placing the tatami, cleaning, etc.

As to protect from injury you must not wear watches, any kind of jewelry or hairpins during Keiko. Wear eyeglasses only if necessary and pay attention that your eyeglasses shall not hurt yourself or others.

Our instructors will pay attention for safety in exercising and prevention of insuries. As you practice in our club at your own own risk, please also pay attention to prevent yourself and others from being hurt or injured and take care of your own accident/medical insurance coverage. The club/instructors are not liable for any damage or injury.

Pay good attention to the sensei’s instruction and always try to grasp the core of each instruction.

We encourage you to also practice in other Dojos as to widen your horizon in Aikido. If you practice in any other Aikido dojo pay very much attention to the difference in their Keiko and style. Try find the other teachers’ specialty in his instructions as to learn other important details of a waza that this particular teacher emphasizes.

As a member of the club you shall always actively protect the good reputation of Aikido.

According to the ethic principles of our club, members are not allowed to use Aikido skills for fighting and shall not encourage others to do so.

The club may terminate your membership in case you seriously or repeatedly violate the clubs ethics and/or etiquette.


Some Japanese words:

Keiko  the course of exercising/practice
Dojo the location of practice
Tatami  mats
Seiza traditional seating on knees and calves
Sensei Instructor/Teacher
Sempai senior student
Kohai junior student
Waza Aikido movements
Gi Aikido uniform
Hakama traditional Japanese wide kind of pants
Mokuso contemplation phase at the beginning and end of Keiko


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