Club Mission and Ethics


Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club is a non-profit-organisation and was founded in order to preserve and promote the ideals of the true Aikido created by the Founder Morihei Ueshiba.

* * *

The Club will follow Aikikai style of Aikido according to the guidance of the Aikikai Foundation.

Nevertheless all Aikido friends of all styles are welcome to join the club.

* * *

All members of the club strictly adhere to the below stipulated ethic principles and rules and actively promote their application.

* * *

The sole purpose of our Aikido practice is for ourselves’ physical and spiritual development.

* * *

During our practice we must always be aware that wrong or careless execution of Aikido techniques may pose a threat to others health or life. Therefore we will apply the necessary care and awareness as to protect others and ourselves from any harm or injury.

* * *

We shall practice in a way considering the person we practice with as our partner and not as opponent or enemy as there is no intention of defeating or winning over the other person.

* * *

We shall always interact with our partner in a harmonious way and no aggressive action shall be taken. We shall adopt suitable behavior to allow our partner to execute the necessary movements in a safe and harmonious way to facilitate mutual learning and improvement.

* * *

We shall never use Aikido techniques for fighting nor shall we encourage other people to use them for fighting.

Moreover we shall actively avoid fighting and aggressive behavior as to promote peace and harmony among all beings.


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    19.+20. May 2018
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