Supervisory Instructor:

Dominique in SXAD copy

Dominique Rascle, 6nd Dan, Aikikai

Residence: Lyon, France




Major Teachers:

Christian Tissier, 8th Dan,

Aikikai, France

Miyamoto Tsuruzo, 8th Dan,

Aikikai,  Japan

Endo Seishiro, 8th Dan,

Aikikai,  Japan

Regular Instructor:

Ulrich Mierswa, 3nd Dan, Aikikai

born 1958 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

Residence: Shanghai, P.R.C.

Aikido Practice since 1995

Major Teachers:

Endo Seishiro, 8th Dan,

Aikikai,  Japan

Katsuaki Asai, 8th Dan,

Aikikai, Germany

Helmut Weiss, 6th Dan,

Aikikai Zen Dojo Shoshinji, Aachen, Gemany

Dominique Rascle, 6th Dan,

Aikikai, Lyon, France

Nakao Shingo, 6th Dan,

Aikikai, Seibukan Kobe, Japan

Kuniyoshi Nokura, 6th Dan,

Aikikai, Shanghai International Aikido Club

Kenji Hayashi, 4th Dan,

Aikikai Hannover, Germany

Peter Heurich, 4rd Dan,

Iwama Ryo Dojo Hanau, Germany

Seminar Ueshiba Sensei copyFrancois Buron, 2. Dan Aikikai

born 1976 in Segre, France

Residence: Shanghai, P.R.C.

Aikido Practice since 2005


Major Teachers:

Eugene Abarrategui

Montreal, Canada

Pierre Valla

Aikikai Seynod, France

James Yu

Shinjukai, Shanghai, P.R.C.

We welcome guest instructors also of other styles for our continuous learning and improvement of our skills. Please contact us for arranging individual schedule.









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