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5.3.2016 Shanghai Open Keiko at Shanghai Shinjukai Dojo

After four years SOK in SXA Dojo, this year we started to rotate the event through different Shanghai Aikido Dojos.


This time SOK in Shanghai Shinjukai Dojo with their Dojocho Fox as instructor

IMG_3447After keiko dinner party in Tianzi Fang

30.1.2016 Laurent received his Grading Certificate from Hombu

IMG_2817Deverick, Terence, Laurent, Inoue and Victor after the certificate hand over ceremony

9.1.2016 New Billboard of SXA Dojo


Francois, Alex, Deverick and Terence after keiko at our Dojo entrance

1.1.2016 New Years Eve Party with Aikido friends in Taipei 


Year end party in the Dojo of National Taipei Universty for Education Aikido Club


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