Pictures 2011

29.12. 2011, Meeting my old Friend Matthew and Practice in Agrinsan Sensei's Dojo of Traditional Aikido Dubai in Dubai / UAE

(l.t.r. front: Matthew, Agrinsan Sensei, Ulrich

rear: Pertev, Ivan, Mariana, Boyet, SunBing)

21.12. 2011, Practice in Taido Dojo of Kenji Hayashi Sensei in Hannover / Germany

(l.t.r.: Antonio, Ulrich, Kenji Hayashi Sensei, Tina) 

 14. 12. 2011, Celebrating 128th Birthday of O'Sensei with special Keiko and Dinner Party

12.+13.11. 2011, Yudansha Seminar with Endo Sensei in Sakudojo / Japan

(l.t.r.: ?? San, Gabriel, Aleksey, Ariga San, Ulrich, Nicholas) 

 29.11. 2011, Joint Keiko with our Friends in Hangzhou Aikido Club


 3.-7.10. 2011, Meeting Old and New Friends on the Mats in Honbu Dojo

(l.t.r.: Ulrich Mierswa, Steve from Australia/Hongkong)

10. 9. 2011, Third Open Air Embukai in Shanghai Xijiao Compound

(l.t.r.: Rene Choutau, Chang Chenyi, Ulrich Mierswa, Henrik Koehler)

31.8.2011, Celebrating the 50th Keiko of our Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club with 50 Ukemi and a Film about O' Sensei

24. 8. 2011, Seminar with Dominique Rascle (5. Dan) from Lyon / France in our Shanghai Xijiao Dojo

6.+7. 8. 2011, Seminar with Dominique Rascle (5. Dan) from Lyon / France in Beijing Shudojuku and Sutoretohato Dojo

25. 7. 2011, Seminar with Kinya Lee (4. Dan) from Taiwan with with friends from SIAC and Beijing

(l.t.r.: Henrik Koehler, Jiang Xi, Xing Yue, Kenya Lee, Ulrich Mierswa, Chang Chenyi, Zheng Yao)

 4.+5. 6. 2011, Seminar with Yoshinobu Irie Sensei (6. Dan) on the Hombu Dojo Instruction Tour in Beijing  

21. 5. 2011, Embukai in Shanghai Jiushi Xijiao Compound

(l.t.r.: Didier Adento, Chang Chenyi, Ulrich Mierswa)


14.+15. 5. 2011, Seminar with Yoshinobu Irie Sensei (6. Dan) from Hombu Dojo in Shanghai International AIkido Club Dojo


14.3. 2011, Dojo Opening and first Keiko of Shanghai Xijao Aikido Club with Friends from Shanghai Intl. Aikido Club, from Hangzhou and other Guests


5. 3. 2011, As initial preparation for the Dojo Opening we moved in the mats for the first time.


(l.t.r.: Rene Choutau, Didier Adenot, Ulrich Mierswa, Chang Chenyi)



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