Pictures 2014


​5.-7.12.2014 Special Seminar with HansPeter Tschol, 4th Dan from Switzerland for Harmonious and Healthy Aikido Practice in Shanghai

IMAG2579Starting the seminar on Friday evening with a smaller group HansPeter introduced some principles of human body joints to be considered during warm up excercise

IMAG258425 members of five dojos from Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo joint to learn the soft and helthy style of Aikido demonstrated by HansPeter and his wife SandraMaria

IMAG2593Off the mats we enjoyed the nice Japanes food

IMAG2596Even beginners could relax and execute unusual movements which even blackbelts struggled with

23.11.2014 Eugene Ch'ng had invited to a one Day Seminar in UNNC Aikido Dojo in Ningbo 

UNNC Seminar 2014-11

Students from complete beginner to medium kyu level followed the invitation and diligently practiced continuously during the four hours seminar. The moringing session focus was on ukemi, contact and interaction of uke and tori. The afternoon session gradually incorporates techniques like ikkyu and irimi nage.


(l.t.r. rear: Zhiheng, Tongren, Tony, Eddy, Harry, Tiandong, Ying, front: Sybelle, Lavion, Eugene, Ulrich, Jane, Mi)

22.11.2014 Joint Keiko with our friends of Hangzhou Aikikai in their new Dojo


22.11.2014 Olaf Marshall, Dojocho from Aikido Centre Ulm / Germany visit our Dojo

IMAG2556_1(l.t.r.: Olaf, Terence, Ulrich, Francois, Deverick, Jean-Jacques)

15.11.2014 Visit Friends and practice in UAE Aikikai Aikido Dojo in Dubai / United Arab Emirates

IMAG2539_1(l.t.r.: Mei, Jeremie, Ulrich, Matt L., Matt A., Lais, Ajoy, Arun)

8.+9.11.2014 With Dominique and some of his students joint the Seminar with Miyamoto Sensei in Bordeaux / France


(l.t.r.: Wamiko, Stephan, Fabrice, Jean-Thierry, Miyamoto Sensei, Dominique, Berongere, Deborah, Ulrich)

1.11.2014 Shanghai Open Keiko with Guests from England

DSC00974(l.t.r.: Terence, Dave, Steve, Francois, Ulrich, Dudley, Neil, Sofiane)

IMAG2194_1(l.t.r.: Terence, Ulrich, Shinjiro, Sofiane)

12.10.2014 Shanghai Open Keiko with Thorsten Schoo 6. Dan from Seishinkai Frankfurt / Germany


(l.t.r.: Eric, Francois, Johnson, Terence, Victor, Thorsten, Ele, Ulrich, Bob, Alex)

IMAG2126Tepanyaki for lunch was a bit too much for our short break

IMAG2132First rewarding beer after 4,5 hrs on the mats

IMAG2134Fortunately our new dojo has room enough for BBQ party indoors. On the roof garden the wind was too strong.

18.+19.10.2014 Seminar with Ariga Kaname, 5th Dan from Saku Dojo / Japan in Shoshin Dojo, Hamburg / Germany

Also meeting again with Henrik, who left our Dojo and returned to Germany


(l.t.r.: Henrik, Dirk, Ariga Sensei, Ulrich)

20.9.2014 First Saturday Keiko in our New Dojo

First Satuday Keiko

 l.t.r.: Herve, Ulrich, Francois B., Dudley

18.9.2014 Removal of our Dojo to nearby new Location in Zhuguang Road No. 888

Move out 20140826Move out of the old Dojo in Jiushi Compound Clubhouse with help of Family members 

(l.t.r.: Francois B., Claudia, Silke, Thomas, Frank)

Move in IMAG2048

Move to new Dojo with little helper l.t.r.: Francois B., Boris and his son 

Move in IMAG2050 First group photo on the mats l.t.r.: Boris, Terence, Ulrich, Francois B.

Move in IMAG2056 Tired from moving mats to the 3rd Floor


View on our Dojo with roof Garden




​15.-17.8.2014 Seminar with Dominique Rascle, 5th Dan from Lyon / France in Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club20140816 IMAG1945


​9.+10.8.2014 Seminar with Dominique Rascle, 5th Dan from Lyon / France in Wuhan



​2.+3.8.2014 Seminar with Dominique Rascle, 5th Dan from Lyon / France in Beijing Shudojuku Dojo



 l.t.r.: Chen Jian, host Xing Yue, Dominique

16.+17.6. 2014 Seminar and Grading Exam with Namba Hiroyuki Shihan, 6. Dan from Hombu Dojo in SXAC Dojo

imag1624 web

Pick up Namba Snesei at Shanghai Pudong Airport

(l.t.r.: Nokura Masako, Chen DeMing, Namba Hiroyuki, Ulrich Mierswa)



Lunch after keiko in Sasano Restaurant


Dinner in traditional roast Bejing Dunck restaurant downtown Shanghai

(l.t.r.: Namba sensei, Jiang Xi, Wang Tian, Ulrich)


Visit House of Blues & Jazz, Namba Sensei welcomes Tembora


Joint tour to countryside in JinXi Jiangsu Province



10.5.2014 Shanghai Open Keiko with Ele Xiang from Shanghai Aikikai


(l.t.r.: sitting Eric, Dudley, Ulrich, Ele, standing Henrik, Fancois B., Ann, Francois S.)

24.4.2014 Keiko with Daniel Bourguignon, 6. Dan from Paris / France

On his business trip to Shanghai we welcomed Daniel in our dojo as guest instructor


(l.t.r.: Francois S., Voctor, Ele, Terence, Daniel, Ulrich, Johnson, Francois B.)

5.4.2014 Shanghai Open Keiko with Shinjiro Tsurushima

IMAG1310_1Morning session l.t.r.: Henrik, Herve, Ulrich, Shinjiro, Terence, Francois and Laurent

IMAG1313_2Afternoon sessions l.t.r.: YiKe, Henrik, Johnson, Ulrich, Terence, Eric, Francois

IMAG1318_1After a whole day keiko with thress sessions we enjoyed dinner with family members in a beautifully decorated Japanese restaurant 

22.+23.3.2014 Joint Practice in Hanzhou Aikikai and Ningbo UNNC Aikido CLub

IMAG1258_1Saturday afternoon keiko in the Dojo of Hangzhou Aikikai

IMAG1265_1Eugene had established a new Aikido Club in Ningbo Nottingham University

IMAG1264_1Perfect weather for a Sunday picnic on the beautiful UNNC campus during lunch break

14.+15.3.2014 Seminar with Yamada Hironobu from Narita, Japan in Shanghai Mukyokukan Dojo

image2Altough on very short notice we made it with three members of our dojo to join Yamada sensei's seminar

image1(l.t.r.: Deverick, Henrik, Lucas, Ulrich, Eric)

Lucas just back from Japan was so kind to invite us to his dojo where he started Aikido classes just three months ago

image9(l.t.r.: Henrik, Eric, Yamada Sensei, Ulrich)

1.3.2014 Three Years Anniversary of Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Club


Many Aikido friends from greater Shanghai region joined our 3rd anniversary celebration


Even for the morning keiko session already 15 people were on the mats


Henrik was busy with the registration of so many guests


Kinya Lee from Taiwan was the guest instructor for our Anniversary event


A toast with sake and a chat after keiko and embukai with old and new friends


Many friends and family members joint in for a nice Japanese dinner party


Special contribution with Henrik's saxophone performance


The last heroes of our anniversary ended up in the House of Blues & Jazz

15.+16.2.2014 Seminar with Nakao Sensei at Kansha Dojo in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

– Keiko under summer conditions during winter at home – 

group photo2

This year Nakao Sensei and his wife Akika san could not come to Shanghai, but I had the pleasure that Phan Minh invited me to join the seminar in Kansha Dojo in Ho Chi Minh City. IMAG0952_1


 (l.t.r.:  Ulrich, Minh, Nakao Sensei, Khoa)

IMAG0950_1 (l.t.r.: Quang, Kyuyen, Thu, Ulrich, Khoa, Hayashi Yuki, Chuan)

visit independence palaceHistory lesson on our tour to the War Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

group photo3Mok –  Hai – Ba – Yoooo!

group photo4

Never enough for a warmhearted farewell party

8.2.2014 Shanghai Open Keiko, the first in the Chinese Year of the Horse with special warm-up Exercise instuction by Herve Roth


 (l.t.r.: Terence, CK, Ann, Ulrich, Anna, Herve, Henrik)

30.1-5.2.2014 Ulrich spent Chinese New Year in Tokyo, Japan


Besides Hombu Dojo Ulrich also paid a visit to Funabashi Dojo and joined keiko under Fukumori sensei 


This time Ulrich also visited Yokogawa Dojo and met with Suzuki Sensei (second from left) and other Dojo members

11.1.2014 First Shanghai Open Keiko in 2014 in SXAC Dojo with Victor Lescroart as Guest Instructor


 (l.t.r.: Boris, Herve, Anna, Ulrich, Victor, Dudley, Francois, Henrik)

10.1.2014 Minh Pham invited Ulrich to a Visit and joined Keiko in Kansha Dojo / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


 (front l.t.r.: Hoang, Ton, Minh, Trung, Dung)



Minh took me on a nice seight seeing tour in the historic center of Ho Chi Minh City

3.1.2014 Seminar with Jan Nevelius from Sweden in Meido Kan Dojo / Helsinki, Finland


 (l.t.r.: Ulrich, Terhi, Pecka)


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