Pictures 2012

19.11.2012, Kais Mejri 2nd Dan from Tunis Aikido as Guest Instructor in SXAC Dojo

(l.t.r. Frank, Terence, Fox, Kais, Ulrich, Henrik)

Kais brought this traditional stencil work from Tunis Aikido as a gift for our Dojo

3.11. 2012, Shanghai Open Keiko with Eric Kuo 2nd Dan from Taiwan as Instructor

(l.t.r. Henrik, Francois, Terence, Eric, Ulrich, John)

2.-7.10. 2012, Seminar with Endo Seishiro Shihan in Lyon and Toulouse / France

Ulrich and Dominique in Toulouse

Andrea also enjoyed the French cuisine very much

At the dinner after Endo Sensei's seminar in Lyon Aikido veteran Bernand and his wife joint in

31.8. – 2.9. 2012, Seminar with Dominique Rascle in Shanghai / PRC

Groups from five Shanghai Dojos, from Hangzhou and QIngdao plus some other Aikido friends enjoyed the five seesions of the seminar in the German School.

24. – 26.8. 2012, Seminar with Dominique Rascle in Wuhan / PRC

BBQ Party in a Park after the Seminar

10. – 15. 8. 2012, Hombu Dojo and Summer Practice with Seishiro Endo Shihan in Saku Dojo / Japan

Uli meets Martin in Hombu Dojo after Doshu Morning Class

Francois and Uli in Saku Dojo for Summer Practice

Dinner and Party time at the End of the Seminar (Endo Shihan with his Wife and Shimizu Sensei)


4. 8. 2012, Shanghai Open Keiko in August with Andrea Raviglione as Guest Instructor

7. 7. 2012, Shanghai Open Keiko in July with Fox and Johnson as Guest Instructors

(l.t.r. rear: Max, Roy, Francois, Thomas

front: Eric, Fox, Uli, Johnson)


2. 6. 2012, Shanghai Open Keiko in June with Andrea Raviglione as Guest Instructor

1. – 5. 5. 2012, Trip to Kenshukai with Seishiro Endo Shihan in Saku Dojo / Japan

Andrea, Uli and Henrik at Saku Budokan

in front of Saku Dojo

Reception by Mayor in Saku City Hall for Seishiro Endo Shihan with Seminar Guests from Abroad

25. + 26. 4. 2012, Seminar with Philip Lee from Singapore Shinjukai Aikido Federation in Shanghai AikiClub

Philip Lee Shihan (center) with Andrea (l.) and Uli (r.) in Shanghai AikiClub








At a Japanese Restaurant Philip Lee Sensei summarises the Seminar and Grading Achievements 

15. 4. 2012, Meeting Friends on the mats in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

After Keiko with Tony Sensei (Center)

17. 3. 2012, One Year Anniversary of Shanghai Xijiao Aikido Dojo

Group Photo with guests

(l.t.r. front: Eric, Sonke, Marc, Ulrich, Amber

rear: Henrik, Rene, Will, Helen) 

3. 3. 2012, SXAC Saturday Open Keiko with Andrea Raviglione  

(l.t.r. front: Eric, Amber, Ulrich, Andrea, Terence

rear: ShiBin, YingChun, YaoTian, Henrik) 

25.2. 2012, 70th Birthday of Katsuaki Asai Shihan and Seminar with International Guests in Pulheim / Germany 



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